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Excellent Stock Of Stylus, Needles, Belts and Cartridges

Complete Selection of Record Cleaners and Accessories For Your Turntable





We'll install your Needle & Belt purchased from us and test for best sound on most all turntables, for free!*


Mounting Cartridge Is Extra*



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Most All Belts In Stock!


What to do when replacing your stylus:

  • Best is to come into our store with your turntable (we have a parking lot right behind our building) so we can install the needle and test your turntable on our service bench at no charge!* When calling us, please have the brand and model number of the cartridge so we can look it up.

  • If there is a needle number, that would help too. If you can not find the brand and cartridge number, sometimes we can go by the turntable brand and model number but can not guarantee exact replacement in either case.

  • We do not refund cartridge and stylus purchases. If you can not bring in your turntable. Safely uninstall the stylus or headshell and transport it to us with care, we have a better chance of replacing your stylus with the exact model.



* Owner's cartridge body must be mounted on headshell with all wires attached for us to offer a free installation and testing of your needle purchased from us. Combo phonographs with amplifiers built-in must have speaker outputs for testing on our test bench or speakers built-in to combo phonograph. Entire cartridge install is extra. Most belts can be installed while you wait and labor is free of charge in most installations. At very rare times there may be a charge. We have the right to refuse service on any turntable brought to us.  Please call first before bringing in your table to discuss your repair. Please have brand and model number handy when calling. Thank you.


Brands and generics of cartridges / needles we stock! Dual ADC Sony Sumiko Pro-ject Denon Crosley Sansui BSR Philips Garrard JVC Kenwood KLH Marantz NAD Optonica Thorens PE Yamaha Audio Technica Technics Ortofon Stanton Grado Shure Calrad Elac Miracord Fisher Lloyds Magnavox Mitsubishi Packard Bell Pioneer Radio Shack Sanyo Sankyo Scott Sharp Signet Sonotone Sylvania Tetrad Varco Zenith Dynavector Linn Rega Music Hall VPI Numark Teac Onkyo Empire Empire GE Generic Pfanstiehl Panasonic Pickering RCA Sharp Vaco Dejay Califone Capehart Ion Luxman Curtis Mathes Realistic Sears Sound Design Sherwood York Symphonic





Vinyl Cleaning Accessories


It’s no secret. The Spin-Clean® Record Washer MKII quickly and effectively cleans both sides of any record simultaneously without using your turntable as part of the process. Your albums and singles will last longer and sound better than ever, while your turntable and stylus are saved from needless wear and tear.








The D4+ Record Care System is the result of intensive scientific research on safe record cleaning. The D4+ System is a cleaning system unlike other products, which reduce record dynamics and fidelity. The more active, yet safe, D4+ fluid is actually able to lift and suspend contaminants in solution on the record surface so the D4 pad can easily and efficiently remove debris. Containing less residue than tap water, D4+ fluid will clean without depositing new residues on the record surface; it will not encourage any biological growth as do "constantly damp" cleaning methods. 

A favorite among collectors for many years. Use the brush dry or wet with the included 1.25 oz. fluid. The more active, yet safe, D4+ fluid is actually able to lift and suspend contaminants in solution on the record surface so the D4 pad can easily and efficiently remove debris.

Discwasher-D4-Kit Main-1



Record and Stylus Cleaning Brushes


Several types and brands available!



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