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WHAT WE DO: Fred’s Sound Of Music’s service department repairs products we have sold. We reserve the right to refuse repairs of products not purchased from us.


Please call with your brands and model numbers and the problem(s) you are experiencing to see if we can be of help. We repair power amps, turntables, receivers, tuners, preamplifiers, cd players, and more.  Please call first before bringing in your repair beacuse there are some items that we do not service.


PARTS DEPARTMENT: We sell parts such as turntable belts, phonograph cartridges including stylus, replacement phono needles and we’ll install most of these parts while you wait. We also carry cleaning supplies such as phonograph record and stylus cleaning brushes, record cleaning machines and record cleaner fluid. We also stock most replacement lamps, light bulbs and fuses for your electronic equipment. Speaker refoam surrounds available plus speaker glue. (There is a minimum charge for cartridge installation which includes mounting, aligning and balancing and may have to leave your turntable for a day).


EXPERIENCE: Our service techs are highly experienced and our service rates are very competitive. We guarantee all of our work for 90 days. We also stock new replacement components and systems and high quality pre-owned used gear …. if you feel that a replacement may be necessary.


PICK-UP/DELIVER & TWEAK YOUR SYSTEM: We can come to your home or business and test your stereo or home theater system for best performance. We can pick-up and deliver the repaired component(s) which includes removing and re-installing your equipment and again test your system for “BEST SOUND, PICTURE and OVERALL PERFORMANCE!” At that time we can also install and instruct you on an easy to use “SINGLE REMOTE” that does everything to control your system!


TRADE-INS: We take trades, offer financing and extended warranties on almost all new equipment!