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Soundsmith is a specialty audio manufacturer located about an hour north of New York City. Founded in 1972, Soundsmith has achieved an enviable reputation in the audiophile world for outstanding sonic quality and extremely high-value products. Perhaps best known now for their work restoring cartridges and for their Strain Gauge and Fixed Coil cartridges, every Soundsmith product is hand-crafted in Soundsmith’s Peekskill, NY factory by a carefully selected team of artisans and engineers.





Compare the pricing of re-tipping a Soundsmith cartridge to replacing the stylus on other high-end cartridges and you'll see why Fred's Sound of Music loves Soundsmith cartridges!








SoundSmith ZephyrMIMC Beauty Rev1



Zephyr MIMIC Star


"At [this] price point, the new low output Soundsmith Zephyr MIMIC Star is an overachiever that gives you a glimpse of the best in terms of non-mechanical, artifact-free performance, for a small percentage of the state of the art asking price" - Michael Fremer








 SoundSmith Paua Beauty Rev 1




Featuring ultra-low internal moving mass, a specialized telescoping newly developed alloy cantilever and highly polished low mass nude Contact Line stylus, the Paua MKII will add a unique quality of warmth and smoothness to any analog system without leaving behind all the delicate musical details you want and need to hear. 


paua specs







SoundSmith Otello Final copy2




Our entry level design captures more than its share of recorded beauty —by design. Big soundstage, detail and resolution at an affordable price.


otello specs





SoundSmith Zephyr MKIII Final2 0


Zephyr MKIII


The new Zephyr MK III has achieved what no other cartridge has done since its inception; rapid recognition as a leading force in phono cartridge design and performance.


zephyriii specs