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7138CaFsSXL. SL1500





The Casablanca IVA now offers immersive audio. Playback of Dolby Atmos and DTS X material is fully realized with the Casablanca IVA. Since 1996, continuous upgrades have maintained our vision of a reference-worthy multi-channel audio processor with audiophile performance, come-hither cosmetics and world-class usability and maintained essential contemporary features. The 2012 revision to the III HD brought a new, Dave Reich designed power supply with HDMI HDR and lossless audio decoding. Today’s upgrade to the Casablanca IVa brings full 4K HDMI HDR with HDMI 2.0 compatible inputs with HDCP 2.2 and includes full HDR capability using state-of-the-art audio bandwidth to 192 kHz, increases DSP processing power by a factor of 10, adds world-class digital room correction and optimization from Dirac Live operating at a world-leading 96 kHz and our novel Jitter Jail II to fix insidious timing errors especially inherent in HDMI HDR audio signals. Only Theta Digital has offered such quality and long-term value in this ever-changing product category. Operational control is improved in the Casablanca IV. Not only can it be easily controlled by its front panel buttons, or via standard IR remote control, or, for the ultimate in system control, by its powerful RS-232 protocol which interfaces with complete home automation systems from companies such as Crestron, Savant and (soon) Control 4, remote operation is now possible from a new range of devices including iPad, iOS and Android devices.









Theta Digital Dreadnaught D Back Panel

Theta Digital has begun shipping the new Dreadnaught D modular main amplifier. Designed to accommodate up to eight channels of amplification, the Dreadnaught D has a built-in power supply using dual power cords, power switches and toroidal transformers, plus four slots designed to receive proprietary Theta Digital amplifier modules. 
There are three modules available for the Dreadnaught D. All are based on the Hypex N-Core Class D amplifier circuitry. The stereo amplifier module is rated at 225W RMS per channel at eight ohms and 400W at four ohms with no more than 0.05 percent THD from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. One of the two single-channel modules has identical performance. The other bridges the two modules to deliver over 500W RMS at eight ohms with over 800 W RMS at four ohms.










A collaboration between Dave Reich, Theta Digital’s chief engineer and Bruno Putzeys, class D “Wonderkind” of Hypex fame, Prometheus marks a fundamental departure in our amplifier philosophy. Rather than design amplifiers that highlight the amp/speaker interface and demand careful consideration when choosing the corresponding transducer, Prometheus is completely load agnostic.The frequency response is load invariant. Harmonic distortion, at less than 0.01% at 500 watts RMS full-band at 4 ohms is virtually non-existent. The same is true for IMD.

“First Watt” advocates will happily note THD+N at one watt is lower by a factor of 10: < 0.001%. Notable also is the fact that Prometheus shares with its other N-Core 1200 brethren the lowest output impedance (and highest damping factor) of any amplifier every built. To say that Prometheus exerts the iron-hand of speaker control is a masterpiece of understatement.

In true Theta Digital tradition, Reich and cohorts researched virtually every possible power source before settling on a huge linear supply. For proof, one need only look at the immense 1.44kva toroidal power transformer. Such a dramatic power source insures that Prometheus can deliver full output for any desired duration. All day and all night? No problem.

Parts quality continues in adherence to strict Theta hierarchy. Use only the best parts: Check. Use them the right way: Check. Make the amplifier absolutely beautiful both inside and out: Check.

In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to mankind. In our Theta Digital mythology, Reich and Putzeys stole amplifier perfection from the gods and gave it to music lovers everywhere.