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Salamander Furniture!


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Home Theater Seating By Salamander


Generous cushioning and graceful curves invite you to be seated while a reclining back and hidden footrest help deliver lavish comfort.

Talia's modular design lets you create a loveseat or link chairs in rows for theater-style seating.

Tactile Sound Transducer
Add the optional Clark Tactile Sound TransducerTM to any Salamander theater chair to produce vibrations over the full range of tactile and audible frequencies. When attached to a resonant surface (floor, chair, couch), Tactile Sound TransducersTM supplement ordinary speakers and subwoofers, effectively increasing the proportion of sound you hear and feel through bone conduction. Consequently, the user experiences the natural percussive impact of movie sounds.


Matching pillows are available in any Agora leather or microsuede.


Swivel Tablet
A handy surface, which serves as a desk or table, has a pivot that installs in any chair's cup holder. Available only in a black finish, it holds 7 lbs.
Synergy Systems By Salamander Designs Furniture

Modularity and modernity are two of the key concepts that characterize Salamander Synergy System. Synergy features elegant, extruded-aluminum corner columns and hardwood shelves as well as optional sides, backs and doors. It's interactive; you select pieces for a system that suits your needs. As requirements change, simply add elements or reconfigure those on hand.  If you wish to see more, come to Fred's Sound Of Music.  They display most all the different styles and have complete catalogs on hand.

42" with door & sides

32" cabinet with 42" extension
The Synergy Starts Here

The smallest Synergy System foundation module, this well-proportioned three-shelf unit includes an adjustable center shelf and accommodates all S20 enclosure elements. Its 22 inch height makes it ideal for placement next to a couch or chair.


This elegantly unit has five shelves, three of which are fully adjustable. We also give you a pair of heavy duty isolation brackets, so one shelf will hold a 250-pound load and acoustically isolate it with neoprene tabs, which are included. See with drawers below.  32 inch high and compatible with all S30 enclosures.


With four adjustable shelves, this 42 inch high, six-shelf unit is remarkably flexible and holds a stack of equipment. Use it alone, open or enclosed, or combine it with compatible elements for an expanded system (below). The Synergy40 includes a pair of heavy duty isolation brackets that allow you to set one shelf up for as much as 250 pounds and isolate it with included neoprene tabs. Accommodates all S40 enclosure elements.

Same heights as above but wider!

Some rooms call for horizontally-configured units, so we developed this 44.5-inch-wide foundation module that includes four fully-adjustable shelves along with its fixed top and bottom shelves. Use it alone, with or without related S30 sides and backs and/or doors, or extend it with one or more additional modules. The 19.75-inch depth accommodates even the largest TVs.
Your choice: 22"   32"  42"  high
By 44.5 inches wide

Salamander Archetype System

More Than Just Bricks & Boards!
Our original furniture series, the Archetype System, employs a simple yet highly versatile design: Threaded-steel support posts and matching fasteners hold shelves securely while providing infinite vertical adjustability. Archetype's refined, modular components link in a variety of ways, allowing you to create a furniture system that will grow and change with your needs.
All Archetype Systems start like this:
Archetype 2.0 20" high 23" wide 16 deep
salam arch a2black
Archetype 3.0 28" high 23" wide 16 deep
salam arc a3blk
Archetype 5.0 36" high 23" wide 16 deep
salam archetype a5w



Our most popular unit, the 5.0 is often used as the foundation for an expanded Archetype system. It provides five shelves along with the flexibility of infinite vertical adjustment.
An Archetype 5.0 with MegaSpikes and a 5.0
Rear Panel, finished in Hazelnut, 36 inches high.

This system consists of an Achetype 5.0 combine with a Twin Platform, both finished in Natural Cherry. A media Drawer and Arch BookEnds round out this unit.



Here is an Archetype 3.0 with a Twin Platform. By using optional A 2.0 posts and the Monitor Platform, a small entertainment center is created. A Drawer and Arch BookEnds finish off this unit, all finished in
Classic Oak.


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