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Rotel is a family-owned Japanese manufacturer of high end audio and video equipment: home theater, amplifiers, compact disc players, etc. The company was established in 1961. The company was formed by Tomoki Tachikawa and is currently run by the Nephew, Peter Kao.

Rotel maintains an exclusive network of specialist hi-fi dealers around the world.





Rotel-A12-Silver 166958 2


ROTEL A12 - Integrated Amplifier



Rotel’s A12 integrated amplifier offers impressive audio performance as well, but with slightly less output at 60-watts per channel. Input connections include both analog and digital, along with aptX Bluetooth streaming capability. Available in Black or Silver Finish.


ra12 specs


Rotel-A14-Black 166968 2



ROTEL A14 - Integrated Amplifier


The A14 is a high performance, 80-watt per channel integrated amplifier that delivers superb music reproduction and features connections for both analog and digital sources, along with Bluetooth with aptX streaming. Available in Black or Silver Finish.







ROTEL CD-14 - Compact Disc Player



Enjoy your CD collection investment with Rotel’s CD14 compact disc player. As with all 14 series components, it features a high performance power supply and intuitive operation.

Available in Silver or Black Finish.

cd14 specs



Rapallo Rotel RA1572 black



ROTEL RA-1572 - Integrated Amplifier


The RA-1572 combines proven analog design with sophisticated digital circuits to bring all of your sources to life with amazing fidelity.

Available in Black or Silver Finish.


ra1572 specs





1572-1582 272199 3

ROTEL RC-1572 Preamplifier / ROTEL RB-1582 II Power Amplifier


At 2 x 200 Watts per channel and utilizing Rotel's Balanced Design Concept for superior performance, the RB-1582 MkII is a compelling stereo amplifier.

The RC-1572 preamp provides an entryway into higher performing separate components with all of the analog and digital inputs required by today's sources.

Available in Black and Silver Finish. Sold Seperately.


combo specs


RCD-1572-Black 198440 1


ROTEL RCD-1572 - CD Player


The culmination of more than three decades of Rotel CD technology refinement, the RCD-1572 is the flagship CD player in Rotel‘s 15 Series.


rcd1572 specs



rotel hd 1580 199


ROTEL RDD-1580 - Digital to Analog Converter


Rotel’s new digital-to-analog converter envelops the listener in the most accurate audio reproduction possible from any digital source, whether it be legacy PCM sources or the latest in digital file formats.


rdd1580 specs



httpswww.audioadvice.compubmediacatalogproductrmrmb1585 silver

ROTEL RMB-1585 - Power Amplifier


The pinnacle of performance in Rotel's superb multichannel power amplifier range, the RMB-1585 features 5 x 200 Watts to drive even the largest home theater speaker systems.


rmb1585 power amp







ROTEL RSX-1562 - Home Theater Receiver


A serious surround sound receiver with 7 x 100 Watts per channel in a space saving single 4U chassis.


rsx1562 specs