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REL Acoustics, Ltd. of Bridgend, Wales was founded in 1990 by Richard Edmund Lord. Dissatisfied by the commercially available subwoofers of the day, Lord set out to build himself something better. Soon enough audiophiles began searching out these legendary subs that were built like no other. Today, REL is one of the fastest growing product ranges in the entire high end with acclaim coming from virtually every audio and home theater magazine. Fundamental reliability remains its core strength, blended with a unique approach to design that results in what many consider to be the most musical and powerful sounding subwoofers available.



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Tzero enriches even modest systems with power and natural bass, bringing the quality and full REL connectivity suite, long throw drivers and powerful, reliable amplifiers to a new lower price point and dimension.










Simplicity is its own reward, and the REL T/5i subwoofer reduces the classic cubic sub to its bare essence. A single, high-quality alloy-fiber composite driver and down-firing orientation produces maximum coupling with the floor and eliminates the need for a grille. T/5i is the purest expression of REL.






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T/7i is, without reservation, one of the perfect-balanced RELs of all time. In order to achieve perfect balance, a sub must weigh speed against heft, while ensuring true extension-depth-and do so in a physically harmonious package. T/7i manages to make it all seem easy. Quick and delicate for a perfect blend, it can pound out exceptionally deep, tuneful bass that belies its size and plays louder than most will ever require.






Ti 9 Black 3 4-1-878x900 




If sheer output alone is a primary requirement for your theater or music system, then the T/9i with its 300-watts RMS power delivery is the perfect ticket. The combination of a lightweight, composite 10" driver coupled to a matching 10" T/i passive delivers speed, slam and attack when called for. But it also is highly capable of tracing more delicate passages when necessary. Large in sonic scale, the T/9i is ideal for mating up with floor standing speakers and rooms that are on the medium-to-large size. It is powerful, concussive, and beautiful.

A huge advantage of the T/9i is its installation flexibility. You can either use various wired connections, or you can go wireless with REL's full-throttle, zero-compression Arrow system. No matter how you configure your REL, it is a superior choice for home theater, multi-channel music, and two-channel stereo hi-fi.











The S/5 SHO subwoofer, the recently re-engineered Super High Output flagship of REL's Serie S specializes in reference-grade reproduction of the most difficult-to-render musical instruments and low-end passages. At home even in large two-channel and palatial home-theater setups, S/5 SHO possesses cheetah-like speed, visceral attack, tremendous slam, massive scale, and pinpoint refinement. REL's 12-inch Continuous Cast Cone bass engine, special carbon/carbon passive radiator, and super-powerful 550W digital amplifier round out this landmark design. If you think you've heard all your music has to offer, S/5 SHO will come as a pleasant revelation.