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Dolby Atmos Theater
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We Design, Sell and Install Ultimate Theater!    
Just A Few Of The Components To Make
A Great Audio Video System
Theater Recliners and Chairs Acoustic & Noise Control Surfaces & Paneling Movie Screens Automated And Fixed HDTV 1080p Video Movie Projectors
Control4 phone camera ceiling
Smart Phone Control Rock Speakers Flush In-wall Speakers Security Systems
control4panel  Home Wall Control

Home automation has come along way!  Keypads like this one can make life easy.  You can control virtually any aspect of your A/V system including automating your lights and drapes with a single stroke just before the movie starts.  Each area of the house can have a keypad and you can be listening or viewing something different from the same A/V system in different areas of your home when planning is done correctly.  Don't want to get up to push that button?  No worries, just aim your remote control at the keypad,.  You're in control!


Huge In-wall/ceiling speaker displays at our showroom with indoor and outdoor speakers.

From round in-ceiling speakers to outdoor rock and planter speakers.

Planter Book Shelf Outdoor Flush Rockustics


Wires & Cables


Largest gathering of installation A/V parts & supplies

including bulk roll pricing of high resolution low loss speaker wire for great sound and

dual & quad shielded video cable for the best picture possible.

Quality selection of in-wall A/V plates, 
audio/video selector switches, speaker expansion systems and protection devices.
Speaker and Component Switchers Surge Protection Systems Wall Plates
High quality in-wall and table top volume controls, security cameras, TV mounts for wall and ceiling and much more!
Volume Controls Outdoor Volume Controls Table TopVolume Controls Miniture Indoor/Outdoor Cameras



Now Installing Whole House Structured Wiring Consisting of:
High Speed Fiber-Optic Enhanced Cat5e Quad-RG6
For: HDTVDSLISDNLANHome Networking
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Questions often asked about audio and video installation projects
Q Can your installation be done in an existing home?
A Yes!  It's done all the time.  In fact, it often adds significantly to the resale value of your home.

Q I am in the process of building a home.  Can you work with my architect and interior designer?
A Absolutely!  We also work with cabinet makers and tile setters, just to name a few sub-contractors.

Q Is there some way that I can operate the audio/video system from another room, even if it's upstairs?
A You bet!  New wireless technologies gives you lots of flexibility from where you can operate your system.

Q Will this installation project be very expensive?
A Not really.  With careful planning you can have an affordable system installed in your home that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.