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The Anthem D2v Preamp Theater Processor is designed and built in North America, on the same state-of-the-art high-end platform as its critically acclaimed predecessor, the D1. However, this next-generation audio/video processor ushers in a new era of digital video performance. With the unparalleled flexibility you have come to expect from Anthem™ processors, it gives you the versatility AND adjustability you need to make all of your digital video components work together seamlessly. And the results are spectacular!
The improvement the D2 brings to 480i DVD picture quality is astounding -- almost as remarkable as the clarity it brings to HD 1080i material. While on lower-resolution displays improvements are dramatic, on the new-generation of 1080p displays, picture quality is simply astonishing. And yes, in the hands of the D2, even Component Video material looks better!
Where the D1 was the ultimate high-end digital audio processor for the home, the D2 is the ultimate high-end audio PLUS broadcast-quality digital video processor.
Our own precision Digital Signal Processing design uses two Motorola® DSP 56367 engines--among the most powerful in the industry. Each is rated at 150 million instructions per second, providing DTS® 96/24 with full bass management capabilities and enough processing power to handle even the most complex program material with matchless precision.  The D2's external cache memory is large enough to ensure that the powerful DSP engines never run out of resources, even while running the most complex algorithms. D2v
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Even when the finest speakers are perfectly positioned, the room itself still has a dramatic impact on a system’s sound, an impact more profound than that of any individual component. Various solutions have fallen in and out of favor over the years, but none has solved the problem of “the room.” Until ARC. Using proprietary processes and the power of your PC the ARC system, years in development and included with your Anthem Statement D2v, analyzes each speaker’s in-room sound and then computes the required correction to yield optimal performance from every speaker. It’s a process that takes less than five minutes! Anthem’s approach is a true audiophile solution to the problems of the room. ARC is garnering rave reviews across the industry. For more information, see the ARC data sheet in the downloads & support section.

The latest Design, Assembly and Testing
of every piece of component at the Anthem Factory.  There are only a few factories like this in the world.  Designing from the ground up the best sonically sound and the latest in technology that this industry can produce.

Assembly and Testing At The Factory

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